Professional Bowls Association

Sorrento bowlers Kerry Hutchinson and Wendy Flack took part in the 2022 PBA (Professional Bowls Australia) event held at Rossmoyne. Spread over two weekends, with four gruelling days of bowls, winners earn a place in the annual international competition to be played in the UK in coming months.

Within the four days, there are three singles events (World, UK and Scottish) and a pairs event (World). All events are knockout sets play. That means there are seven ends played in each set, and if wins are even after two sets the game moves to a three end tiebreak. Shots don’t matter in sets play, it’s all about winning your sets and then, if needed, winning two of the three tiebreak ends. Needless to say, sets play can be brutal but it forces you to focus on every single bowl.

With 112 players entered, play started at 8.30am each morning and continued well into the night for all four days, sometimes not ending until after 10pm. Added to that, rain on two days meant that only eight rinks on the undercover green were available. With the PBA event there is usually plenty of time between games, when players can mark, help out the organisers, or catch up with bowling friends. It’s also a great event to meet new people and challenge yourself on the green.

Both Kerry and Wendy did well over the four days and would thoroughly recommend the event to both new and experienced bowlers.