Training & Development

A keen group of new bowlers signed up for a five week (Sunday mornings) training and development course led by Bruce Eagles and Richard Bone.

The sessions were divided between theory held in the club’s meeting room and a variety of on-green drills. A wide range of topics were introduced, discussed and then applied on the green. The learning took place in a friendly and supportive environment. The group appreciated the input from guest players who shared their bowling journey – Ross Cunningham, Dan Nicholls, Peter Morgan, Pauline Bourne and Wendy Flack. Further T&D sessions will be offered in the near future.

The group from left to right: Jennifer Page, Jodi Niendorf, JJ Landman, Tracey Newman, Brian Alcock, Ian Munro, Peter Irvine, Adrian Rose, Bruce Eagles, Peter McHugh, John Keddie, Eric Doust, Richard Bone. Absent Brian English.