Membership at Sorrento Bowling Club

Social Membership – for a small annual fee of $30 Social Members are entitled to the full use of the Club’s facilities with the exception of the bowling and croquet greens. Social Members are encouraged to invite their family and friends along also. While not able to hold office, participate on Club Committees or vote at Club meetings, Social Members are free to enjoy the club house and outdoor areas, attend functions or join our very successful dart club.

Ordinary Members – for an annual fee of $290, in addition to enjoying the privileges afforded to Social Members, Ordinary Members are entitled to use our five magnificent grass bowling greens, play pennants, and participate in all Club elections with full voting rights. Included in your fee is the capitation charged by BowlsWA which entitles Ordinary Members to play bowls and attend any bowling club throughout Australia. Mature Aged 75+ members with continuous club membership of at least 10 yrs maybe granted a reduced fee of – $235

Recreational Members – Bowls and Croquet clubs for an annual fee of $175 entitles the members to play at any time that greens are available, but not participate in Pennant Competitions or Club Championships. They shall be entitled to vote at the AGM, Half Yearly  and at all Special General Meetings of The Club.

Croquet Ordinary Members – the fee of $200 for the 1st and 2nd year, then $290 annually offers the privileges afforded to Ordinary Members and incorporates capitation to Croquet Association of Western Australia, allowing members to play croquet and participate in croquet events. The difference in the level of fees is associated with higher capitation costs. Mature Aged 75+ members with continuous club membership of at least 10 yrs maybe granted a reduced fee of – $235

Junior Ordinary Membership – a low annual fee of $30 is offered to members between the age of 12 and 17, allowing them full access to our clubhouse and facilities, our bowling greens and through capitation to BowlsWA, the ability to play pennants and access to bowling clubs throughout Australia.

If you wish to join The Sorrento Bowling Club (Inc.) as a member, please download and complete the following form, then  sign, scan and remit via email or post to the club. There are two pages to the form.

Sorrento Bowling Club Application for Membership print

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