Our Code of Conduct

As a Club operated primarily by volunteers for the benefit of its members, all members of the Sorrento Bowling Club have an individual and collective responsibility to contribute in a positive way to the operations of their Club. 

This Sorrento Bowling Club Code of Conduct applies equally to members and their guests, including players from other clubs visiting the Sorrento Bowling Club for sporting competitions.

  1. Bowlers and croquet players must display respect to their teammates, and opponents, and play the game within Bowls WA and Croquetwest Laws and/or Conditions of Play, to the highest degree of sportsmanship and honesty.
  2. Players will not engage in offensive or abusive language, dissent, conduct unbecoming, or actions which would bring the game of bowls, croquet or the Club into disrepute.
  3. Spectators on the banks will conduct themselves in a manner that ensures that players are not distracted.
  1. Members, family and guests are encouraged to enjoy the hospitality of the club without fear of acts of racial vilification or verbal abuse.
  2. Members, family and guests will ensure that the comfort of other patrons is not unreasonably disturbed.
  3. Members, family and guests will respect other patrons and will conduct themselves in a manner that will not cause offense.
  4. Abusive or offensive language is not permitted within the clubhouse or its surrounds.
  5. Members, family and guests, when consuming alcohol, will do so responsibly, and will accept any staff or licensee decision to amend behaviour or discontinue the serving of alcohol without complaint.
  1. Smoking is not permitted by law in the clubhouse or within five (5) metres of any entrance. Smoking is not permitted, at any time, on the Greens.
  2. Smokers must dispose of butts correctly and empty ashtrays regularly.
  3. Members are to respect the rights of other members who wish to smoke in allowable areas.
  4. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted, at any time, on the Greens.

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