Bowling at Sorrento Bowling Club


Sorrento is one of the largest and most vibrant Pennant Clubs, fielding teams ranging from Premier Division through to 6th Divisions in both the women’s competition (Tuesdays and Saturdays) and men’s competition (Thursdays and Saturdays).


Social Bowls are played in a friendly, fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere. Social Bowls can be run differently from club to club, however, these events are essentially about getting a group of people together and putting down some bowls for fun. Social Bowls still includes scoring and prizes for winners, but the focus is enjoying the game.


Barefoot Bowls is a close variation on Social Bowls, with most players participating, as the term suggests, barefoot. This feeling of freedom tends to relax most players, encouraging a more informal and fun mood throughout play.


Community Bowls is played every Tuesday evening commencing in November, with a Christmas/New Year break, finishing prior to Easter.

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