Pennants at Sorrento Bowling Club

Pennant Bowls is the largest graded inter-club competition held in Western Australia, with over 12,000 participants across the State. Generally held in the warmer months, from October to April, the first Pennant Bowls competition in WA was held in 1899. Club members play in a team uniform like One Day or 20/20 cricket. The highest grade in the metropolitan area is the Premier Division, with further grades from 1st to 6th division, depending on the competition.

Sorrento is one of the largest and most vibrant Pennant Clubs, fielding teams ranging from Premier Division through to 6th Divisions in both the women’s competition (Tuesdays and Saturdays) and men’s competition (Thursdays and Saturdays).

Sorrento Bowling Club Selection Policy 2023/24 – view.

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