Life Membership

Neville Odell joined the Sorrento Bowling Club in May 2005, and in 2007 he and his wife, Denise (pictured above with family members) took over responsibility for producing the Club’s quarterly newsletters. They have since produced 89 newsletters over a 15-year period.

In accordance with the Club’s Constitution, “ordinary members who have rendered especially meritorious services to the Club over a period exceeding ten years may, on recommendation by The Board, be elected Life Members of the Club. Neville has certainly displayed exemplary and meritorious service to the Club.

  • Neville has been a member of The Club for 17 years.
  • Neville has produced the Club’s newsletter, which is now regarded as a magazine, and is an integral component of The Club’s marketing and communications strategy, and greatly contributes to the sense of community experienced by Club members over his 15 years in this role.
  • During Neville’s tenure, the quality of the magazine has improved dramatically in terms of professionalism, and has evolved into one of the finest publications in club-land. The magazine has kept the club members increasingly informed and amused during that time.
  • Neville displays a wide range of skills and personal dedication to researching and obtaining relevant material for inclusion that reflects the pulse and aspirations of The Club. This a continuous undertaking, and Neville’s trusty little notebook is often produced when an event or discussion at the club catches his ear.
  • Neville’s skills in editing and formatting the magazine has had to be adapted over the years to reflect changes in line with professional printing requirements.
  • Neville also assists in formatting the Club’s Bowls Programme of Events, and can be relied upon to produce his trusty camera whenever a notable achievement is accomplished by our members.
  • Neville has often had to display exceptional temperament that encourages members to contribute and to deal with member concerns. While keeping the magazine fun, Neville has to be careful not to offend, while at the same time provide anecdotes that at time highlight notable events by any of our 750 members. He is a role model to members, displaying energy, enthusiasm, resolve, tenacity, and above all, commitment.
  • Neville has also performed in the past as the Sponsorship Manager for the Club for many years, engaging with external sponsors and ensuring that they are represented in Club publications and noticeboards.

Apart from his tireless efforts with the magazine, Neville has also been a committed and skilful bowler over the length of his membership. He has always put the Club at the top of his list of priorities; believing passionately that the Club is more important than the individual.

Congratulations on your Life Membership, Neville!