Volunteering at Sorrento Bowling Club

Volunteers Needed

Hi members.

I am sure that you will appreciate that to successfully run a club like ours; we need support from volunteers. Fortunately we have had great support in the past with volunteers working on the greens and grounds, in the kitchen, in match rooms, behind the bar, on committees and around the Club generally. But there is only so much that they can do, and we are now calling on your support.

You will be working with a team of other volunteers and your time commitment will be only that which you are willing to give, be that an hour here and there or a more regular commitment such as say two hours each month. We have over 600 members and with plenty of hands on deck it is easier to respond to the Club’s needs and to share the load.

The Club operates under a Volunteer Management Plan will arrange induction and training where required. Role descriptions for all established positions are available for your perusal but we can also tailor roles to align with your skill set and availability.

Specifically, we are looking for your help in any of the following areas:

  • Participating on Club committees such as the Governing Council; bowls, darts and croquet committees; and fulfilling assistant roles such as the Assistant treasurer or secretary, webmaster.
  • Working behind the bar (Responsible Serving of Alcohol accreditation will be arranged).
  • Helping with the maintenance of our greens and grounds.
  • Coaching and/or officiating as umpires and markers.
  • Assisting with the conduct of bowls events for non-club members. This mainly involves showing people where bowls are located, getting score cards, explaining how the game works and then keeping an eye on them for a while until they get the hang of it.
  • Assisting with the conduct of evening bowls events for Club members, such as JackAttack, family bowls etc.
  • Assisting with the organisation of social events
  • Helping to run raffles
  • Assisting with letter box drops by delivering leaflets to streets surrounding your home.
  • Assisting with the making of sandwiches for Thursday and Saturday pennants.
  • Or just generally helping around the Club

If you feel that you can help, please contact complete the application form on the website.

Volunteering is a decision that you will find rewarding and fulfilling, and you will become part of the Spirit of Sorrento. The President thanks you in advance for your interest in supporting your Club

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