Around the Club

If you have any photos or stories you’d like to share with the Sorrento Bowling Club community, please forward to the Club Office.

Men’s Veteran Singles Championship

Eighteen players signed up for Sectional play in the Men's…

Parent/Child Event

The Annual Parent/Child competition was played on Sunday…

Women’s IRRR

The Womens Inter Region Round Robin was held at Warwick Bowling…

Men’s Premier Player of the Year

On Saturday, the Men's Premier side had their end of year…

ANZAC Day Two-Up Pairs

On Anzac Day, 28 players turned up to play in this event.…

Champion of Champions Novice Singles

Over the weekend Jan Konig and Liz McTaggart represented…

Veteran Mixed Pairs Championship

  Wednesday 20th April 2022 saw 24 players participate…

Women’s Handicap Triples

In mid April, 18 of our women bowlers from all divisions…

Joondalup/Wanneroo Trophy

Tuesday 12th April saw the competition for the annual Joondalup/Wanneroo…

Men’s Novice Singles Championship

The Sorrento Men's Novice Singles was conducted last Saturday,…

Croquet Lunch

  Last Friday was the first quarterly social lunch…

Silver Chain Charity Day

  On Friday 25th March, Sorrento Bowling Club held…
Wednesday – Nominated Pairs – 22nd June
Winners: E. Cosh, P. McIntosh
Second place: R. Palmer, S. Palmer
Third place: J. Portwood, I. Johnston
Thursday – Men’s Drawn Triples – 23rd June
Winners: TBA
Second place: TBA
Friday – Mixed Social Bowls – 24th June
Winners: P. Marsden, K. Foggo, D. Smith, P. Hynam
Second place: K. McKersey, J. Hobbs, J. Gandras, E. Dunn
Saturday – Dash for Cash – 25th June
Winners: P. Flack, B. Fleiser, G. Bayne, M. Sharrett
Second place: T. Orton, P. Webb, G. McCarthy, B. Jeffs
Third place: R. Butler, J. Konig, S. Loftus, JJ. Landman
Sunday – Scroungers – 26th June
Winner: P. Knight
Second place: J. Paniperis
Third place: P. Webb
Sunday – Mixed Social Bowls – 26th June
Winners: C. Scott, J. Page, L. Young, John (South Perth)
Second place: B. McCormack, J. Nicolaides, R. Taylor, B. Tutt