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Easter Mixed Fours Carnival

  Easter Monday saw the annual Easter Mixed Fours…

Women’s Pairs Championship

  The Women’s Pairs Championship commenced with…


Huge congratulations to our Men's Saturday Pennants 3 Blue…

Croquet Tournament

The weekend of 27th and 28th March saw Sorrento Croquet Club…

Silver Chain Charity Fundraiser

The annual Silver Chain Charity Fundraiser was held on Friday…

Thursday Pennant Final

Congratulations to our Men’s Thursday Premier Pennant team…

Women’s Singles Championship

The Women’s Singles Championship final was held alongside…

Men’s Singles Championship

The Sorrento Men’s Singles Championship was completed on…

Golf Croquet Club Singles

In March we held our Club Singles Championships for Golf…

Invitation Fours

Friday the 19th March Sorrento Women welcomed 36 teams to…

Father/Mother and Child Pairs

Our annual Father/Mother and Child Pairs event was held on…

Craby Visit

On Friday 19th March, members from the Craby Croquet Club…

Wednesday – Nominated Pairs – 21st April

Winners: B. Staples, S. Wright (16 points, 2 bonuses)

Second place: B. Eagles, S. Van Mosseveld, S. Brickell (16 points, 1 bonus, 25 shots up)

Third place: K. Cook, J. Cook (16 points, 1 bonus, 24 shots up)

Wednesday – Veterans Mixed Pairs Championship – 14th April

Winners: D. Odell, N. Odell

Runners Up: B. Jeffs, P. Marsden

Friday – Mixed Social Bowls – 16th April

Winners: TBA

Second place: TBA

Saturday – Nominated Pairs – 17th April

Winners: T. Cunningham, R. Cunningham

Second place: A. Anderson, J. Welch

Third place: R. Munt, S. Connell

Sunday – Mixed Social Bowls – 18th April

Winners: TBA

Second place: TBA

Sunday – Men’s Novice Singles Championship – 18th April

Winner: Barney Fleiser

Runner Up: Gary Bayne