Barefoot Bowls at Sorrento Bowling Club

Barefoot bowling has recently been gaining lots of attention as a fun social activity for younger generations, and it is no different here at Sorrento Bowling Club. Whether it’s a social event, party or catch up with friends, Barefoot Bowls is the perfect activity and Sorrento is the perfect place to do it. We provide the bowls and have volunteers ready and able to assist you in making it an event to remember.

“On behalf of the Greenwood Conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society I would like to thank the Club, especially its staff and volunteers sincerely for hosting our ‘Barefoot Bowls’ fundraising event on the 7th of November. Almost 90 people attended. Not all of them took to the greens, but they did all enjoy the environment and the social aspect of the evening. It was both a fundraising and a ‘fun-raising’ occasion.”

Jan Altmann, Secretary.

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