Calendar of Events

  • Coronavirus: Changes to Green Usage Arrangements to apply from Wednesday 20th May.

    The club rooms remain closed, but on match afternoons the toilets at the western end of the club will be available. The toilet on the end of the greenkeeper’s shed will be open in the mornings.

    The following revised schedule of events is planned:-

    • Monday and Tuesday                NO BOWLS
    • Wednesday AM                          Roll-Up
    • Wednesday PM                          Nominated 2-4-2- Any Gender Pairs.
    • Thursday AM                              Roll-Up
    • Thursday PM                              Drawn Triples. Men.
    • Friday AM                                   Roll-Up
    • Friday PM                                   Social Bowls. Any Gender Pairs.
    • Saturday AM                               Roll-Up
    • Saturday PM                               Nominated 2-4-2 Any Gender
    • Sunday AM                                 Roll-Up
    • Sunday PM                                 Social Bowls


    • There will no longer be a need to phone the club to book for a roll-up.
    • The gates will be open at 10:30 am, with roll-ups permitted until 1:00 pm.
    • No roll-ups will be allowed in the afternoons as all available green space is likely to be required for matches.
    • From Wednesday 20th May, roll-ups will still be supervised, and a record of anybody (including spectators) that attends the club including time arrived and time departed must be maintained. There is a procedure for roll-ups posted on the club wall near the greens board. Please read and comply with this procedure, which MUST BE STRICTLY FOLLOWED.
    • Please remember that these conditions are for your benefit and to minimise the spread of the coronavirus in your community.
    • Numbers are now limited to 20 per green, but matches of triples and fours are permitted. If you are rolling-up and there are more than 20 people already on the green, you must wait until the numbers drop and the supervisor assigns you a rink.
    • A vacant rink must still exist between players.
    • It will be the supervisor’s responsibility to disinfect mats and jacks prior to play.
    • Players are also requested to return mats and jacks when leaving.
    • The fee for roll-ups remains at $5.00 and this will be collected by the supervisor.

    For all afternoon games, please phone the club after 11:30 am to list your name. The one exception to this is for the Nominated Pairs game THIS WEDNESDAY 20th May, when you may still phone in between 9:00 and 10:00.

    For all organised matches, the usual $10.00 fee will be levied, and some prize money will be awarded, although most money will be retained to defray the cost of greens maintenance.

    Yours, Trevor Orton

    Sorrento Bowling Club: Event Coordinator

The club house and bar facilities are open every day – Opening times are posted within the club. The Club’s weekly program is outlined below, but members can roll-up on any day except Monday.

  • Maintenance day. Bowling Greens and Croquet Green closed
  • Community Bowls – Summer season
    Team registration forms will be available in due course
  • Mixed pairs competition. (Winter Only)
    Book in by 12:30 for 1 pm start
  • Twilight Pairs – open to all members and non-members
    Book in by 4 pm for 4:30 start (dates to be advised)
  • Off Pennant season – ‘Pop sticks’ competition for men
    Book in by 12:30 for 1 pm start
  • Mixed Social competition – all year round (weather permitting)
    Book in by 12:30 for 1 pm start
  • Off Pennant season – Mixed Nominated Triples
    If your name is not already on sheet, book in by 12:30 for 1 pm start
  • Mixed Social competition – all year round (weather permitting)
    Book in by 12:30 for 1 pm start

For all Social Bowls, contact the club on 94470696
Special events such as ‘Dash for Cash’ will be posted as they occur.

Sponsored events

all events cancelled until further notice Mixed Social Bowls
Details: See notice board for more details.

all events cancelled until further notice
Details: See notice board for more details.

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