Queen of Scroungers


Three intrepid Sorrento women bowlers (Charmain Harris, Wendy Flack and Jan Paniperis) set off under very cloudy grey skies to play in the Queen of Scroungers event at Joondalup Bowling Club. Fortunately, they all played on different rinks, with Charmain and Wendy going through to the semi-finals.

Charmain was trailing but came through with a sensational last end and took the 6 points and went through. Wendy played steadily all the way through, Jan thought she was going to get an easy ride when told at registration that she would be playing a new bowler for Joondalup – they failed to mention that she had won the Joondalup’s scroungers on the weekend and had played for about 5 years in Scotland! Anyway, Jan crashed and burned and had to sit on the side-lines and watch Charmain and Wendy play in the in the semis.

By this time the sun had come out and Wendy played a brilliant game but was outgunned by Pam from Bedford by one point. Charmain won against Liz of Wanneroo.

Charmain went on to play the final against Claire (the smokey from Joondalup who defeated Jan) and Pam who beat Wendy. It was only 4 ends and both Claire and Charmain were even on the last end – Charmain even had a point deducted for putting the jack out of bounds, however she still won and celebrated as only Charmain can!!

Congratulations to our Queen of Scroungers, Charmain!!