Men’s Triples Championship

The sectional rounds of the Mens Triples, the final club Championship event of the 2022/3 season, were held on Sunday 19th March, under excellent conditions – warm, slightly breezy, and with fast-running greens. A total of 14 teams entered, so it was decided to play three games under a random draw system with eight teams qualifying for the knock-out rounds. The decision to experiment with qualify eight rather than four teams kept interest alive through all three rounds. Indeed, while three teams, skippered by Paul Knight, John Sturk and Ross Cunningham, recorded three wins, the other qualifiers including a team with two wins, one with a win and a draw, and three teams with one win.

The quarter-finals continued on Sunday 26th March under cloudy skies. The teams playing were Knight v Eagles, Sturk v Clarke, Cunningham v Snow and Hulbert v Orton. The quarter finals were all close games, won by Eagles, Hulbert, Sturk and Cunningham.

The semi finals were played after a short lunch break with Hulbert wining over Eagles and Cunningham having a close game before pulling away from Sturk.

The final between Murray Hulbert, Andy Elmer and Peter Flack v Ross Cunningham, Warren Elliott and Paul Ramsey was a very close game until Cunningham’s team pulled away just after the halfway mark of the game to win comfortably.