MegaBowl Champions

The final night of MegaBowl was held last Friday night with a small but loyal turnout. Using the fines collected throughout the season, everyone went home a winner, with those who didn’t place in the final three receiving their money back.

Congratulations to this season’s MegaBowler of the Year Ron Rogers who took home $50, a $20 bar voucher and, more importantly, the coveted trophy. MidiBowler of the Year was Spider with $30, a $20 bar voucher, and a much smaller trophy. This was a step up from last season for Spider and with touchers with every one of his bowls on the night he is surely a threat for next season’s event! Third place and MiniBowler of the Year was Angry Anderson with $20 and the smallest of the trophies. We hope you will all display your trophies with pride at home. A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this fun event, to Kevin Coffey for the great job on the mic every week, to the Club for their support with bar vouchers, and to Wendy Flack and Shelley Jeffs for running the show every Friday night.

See you all again next year!