Men’s Triples Championship

On Sunday the 5th of December, twelve teams of three players competed for the privilege to play in the finals of the Men’s Club Triples Championships next Friday 10th December. The morning of the event was a lovely mild summer day with light winds which soon turned very gusty in the afternoon, as is the normal weather pattern through summer.

The makeup of the teams comprised some very experienced players, along with some newer members, but a good cross-section of players from our Club. Great to see, but a few more teams would have been welcome.

The day’s play was over three rounds, with teams randomly drawn and playing each round over 15 ends, with scoring based on points for a win/draw and then “shots up” if needed. The first round produced some very close games, including one drawn game. Following on with the second round, a couple of the fancied sides started to establish themselves but a couple of surprise results also appeared. The third round was played after the lunch break and produced some close results with one side progressing due to a “shots up” advantage.

After the final results were in, only one side progressed with three wins – Paul Knight, Chris Lander and Brian Kiely. Two other teams (which were the drawn sides in the first round) both progressed with 7 points for the day. This included our newer combination of Jahn Konig, JJ Landman and Adrian Rose. The other successful side on 7 points was skippered by Murray Hulbert with Peter Flack and Andy Elmer. Finally, the fourth side to go through on “shots up” advantage was the Trevor Orton, Phil Bilich and Wayne Morrell team.

The quarterfinals played on Friday 10th December were both one-sided affairs, setting up the final for the following week between Murray Hulbert, Andy Elmer and Peter Flack playing against Paul Knight, Chris Lander and Brian Kiely.

The final took place on Friday evening 17th December, in unseasonably cool conditions in front of an enthusiastic crowd with 18 ends scheduled to be played.

Murray’s team got off to a good start winning the first three ends, however by the midway mark Paul’s team had the scores even.

In the second half of the game, Murray’s team took charge with the final score 21-9 being declared after 17 ends.

Congratulations to Murray, Andy and Peter on a great game, for Andy and Peter it is their first Club Championship at Sorrento.