Men’s 100 Up Championship

The Men’s 2022/3 Championship season commenced on Sunday 2nd October with sectional play of the 100-up championships. A field of 33 entrants formed 11 by 3-player sections, with play taking place under very breezy conditions and lightning fast greens. Many of the matches were highly competitive, with two resulting in tied scores of 100 apiece and an extra end was required.

Sectional winners from the top part of the draw were Ron Rogers, Jan Konig, Derek Boardman, Colin Jasper and Gary Bayne who proceeded directly to the quarter-finals. The sectional winners in the bottom half of the draw (Paul Knight, Mick Martin, Spider Webb, Rob Tozer, Murray Hulbert and Dave Dunstan) went through an alignment round from which Paul Knight, Spider Webb and Murray Hulbert were victorious and moved through to the quarters to be played on Sunday 9th October.

The quarter finals were played on B green, with rinks running N-S for the first time this season which provided a different perspective to things. Conditions were slightly slower than in previous weeks, but at least there was little wind to further complicate matters.

Quarter-final winners were Ron Rogers over Jan Konig, Colin Jasper over Derek Boardman, Paul Knight over Gary Bayne, and Murray Hulbert over Spider Webb.

The semi-finals saw a couple of close matches, with Colin defeating Ron, and Murray getting home over Paul to progress to the final.

The first half of the final was a more one-sided affair with Colin Jasper playing a series of close draw bowls over seven ends to retain the jack and leap out to a lead of 60-20 and, while Murray narrowed the gap over the second part, Colin Jasper ran out a comfortable winner to add his name to the 100-Up trophy.