Women’s Triples Championship

Sectional play of the Women’s Triples Championship began on 7th December. The format was 2 bowl triples of 13 ends, with the semi-finals and final to be played over 17 ends. With an entry of ten teams, two sections of three teams and one section of four teams were drawn to give three section winners and the team with next best result overall to go through to the semi-finals.

Section 1 – Team Van Mosseveld had an impressive win in Round 1. Round 2 saw team Hyde start strongly and continue to play well to gain a convincing win. Round 3 to determine the section winner was a close contest all game until team Hyde pulled away with a couple of strong ends to defeat team Van Mosseveld and secure their place in the semi-finals.

Section 2 – Round 1 saw team Bourne and team Power-Tuke even on the 11th end, with team Bourne ahead by just one shot at the end of the 13th end, winning 9-8. Team Power-Tuke went on to win Round 2 in a hard fought game, with team Bourne winning Round 3 for their semi-final return in January.

Section 3 – With four teams in this section, Round 1 proved to be very tight, with team Harris and team Boardman drawing, and team Newman with a narrow win over team Carter 11-8. Round 2 was another very competitive round, with wins to teams Carter and Newman.

Four teams in Section 3 then played their third and final round on Wednesday 11th January.

Kath Harris, Robyn Woodward, Shona Carter v Liz McTaggart, Nerrida Porteous, Pat Boardman.
A very close game with a final result of 10-12. Scores were even going into the last end when team Boardman won the last two shots to declare them the winners.
W. Flack, K. Hutchinson, T. Newman v C. Greig, C. Harris, S. Everest.
Once again a very close game with scores even 9-9 on the 11th end, followed by three shots to team Everest on the 12th end and team Newman scoring 2 shots on the last end to go down 11-12.

The semi-finals were played the following week on Wednesday 18th January in perfect conditions, with some very good bowls being played by all involved.

The first semi-final involved Robyn Van Mossveld, Lee Leach and Shelly Jeffs whose opposition was Tracey Newman, Kerry Hutchinson and Wendy Flack. Robyn’s team got off to a good start leading 8 to zero on the 5th end. Tracey’s team fought back but Robyn’s team bowled steadily and won the game 16-10.

The teams in the other semi-final saw Pauline Bourne as skip, Jan Cook and Coral Smith play against Lorraine Hyde, Wendy Saul and Liz Marshall. This was a fairly evenly matched game until about the 10th end which saw Bourne’s team get a 4. On the 13th end the score was 11-10 in Pauline’s favour. A few good ends after that saw Pauline’s team surge ahead to win by a good margin of 21-10.

The final after lunch was held between Robyn Van Mosseveld’s team and Pauline Bourne’s team. A good close game and the scores were pretty even up to the 8th end. Bourne’s team moved ahead with a 4 and then a 3, giving them a lead of 14-6. Robyn’s team fought back and put another 3 points on their score, but unfortunately it was not their day and the congratulations went to Pauline’s team who went on to win 20-9. Well done to Pauline, Jan and Coral on winning the Women’s Triples Championship.