Women’s Triples Championship 2024

The first round of the Women’s Triples for 2024 was held on the 31st January in very hot conditions. After looking at the weather forecast it was decided to do two rounds and then come for lunch and re -access whether to go out again or go home. This was taken out of our hands really as when we got to the club our board was a perfect 9 teams of 3 totalling 27 players BUT a phone call from Charmain Harris saying she has covid so will not be coming and Jan Power Tuke arriving sick so was sent home. Apologies to Claire Deeves who missed out in playing because of the numbers.

We now had 8 teams of 3 and therefore decided together with all the players to convert to knockout meaning that we would all play one game, and all the players decided to play 15 ends and not 13. Just as well because as expected the forecast was correct and by 12-30 we reached 38 for a short time so our last team had to come off and wait until the temperature went down, fortunately we got the sea breeze so we all finished our games. We had two of our teams not know until the last end who would win through to the next round so very close games.

Very well done to all our teams Carter v Everest 14-16, Brickell v Saul 10-21, Marsden v Bourne 8-20, Boardman v Hutchinson 9-11. 

Thank you to Robyn Rowe for bringing her Hydralyte tablets for our players which were greatly appreciated as of course some of our ladies were starting to feel a little worse for wear. It is so important for us all to drink and hydrate at all times.

Our final four teams to go through to the next round are:
Team Everest v Team Saul
Team Bourne v Team Hutchinson

Semi final and Final 7th February 2024

Unfortunately another hot day and we did reach 35 degrees when the finals were just about finished. the semi final with team Everest , Martin and Page playing Team Saul , Marshall and Cox. Team Saul won 19 to 12. The second Semi final saw Team Hutchinson, Sauerwein, and Hughes playing Team Bourne, Cook and Smith. Team Bourne won 16 to 8.

The final was therefore team Bourne our champions for the past two years to play Team Saul which was a really tight game and going down to the last couple of ends with a result of 13 to 11 to Wendy Saul, Liz Marshall and Dianne Cox defeating our current Champions Pauline Bourne, Jan Cook and Coral Smith.

Well done to all our ladies who took part in the Triples under extremely hot weather conditions. I think we really have to look at another time for this year, maybe later start or before pennants or after pennants .I would just like to thank our Bar Manager Matt for bringing out jugs of ice and lime water to keep our ladies hydrated during their game.

A very big congratulations to our Triples Champions for 2024 Wendy, Liz and Di