Women’s Fours Championship

Round 1 was played on 16th February after a postponed start the previous week. A decision was made to play Round 1 only, as it was a very warm morning with the temperature reaching 36 degrees.

SECTION 1 –Team Bourne v Lorencs. This game got off to a tight start with scores equal after the 4th end. Then team Bourne played beautifully making the score 12-5 after 10 ends. Team Lorencs made some tactical moves to take the lead after the 13th end. The final end saw Bourne’s team scoring 2 shots, to finally win 14-13.

SECTION 2 – Van Mosseveld v Hyde. Team Hyde played beautifully with the final score 13-3 after 8 ends. Unfortunately, the Van Mosseveld team withdrew and forfeited the game on the 8th end, therefore no points were given to the forfeited team and 3 points to team Hyde.

ROUND 2 – Sunday 27th February
This round was played in near perfect conditions for February. Teams Van Mosseveld defeated Team Delevale 23-7. Teams Bourne and Lorencs played for a second time due a team withdrawal. Team Bourne prevailed and progressed to the final with a final score 17-8.

The finals got off to great start with Lorraine Hyde, Jan Cook, Jan Power-Tuke and Liz Marshall taking the lead after the first two ends. Pauline Bourne, Coral Smith, Jan Paniperis and Kath Harris scored three points in the next two ends, however after this Hyde couldn’t be stopped until the 11th end and pulled away to a significant lead. Team Bourne fought back over the the next three ends making the score 13-8 but Team Hyde scored 2 points on the 14th end to increase their lead once again. Team Bourne fought valiantly, winning ends 15 and 16 but in the end, Team Hyde proved too strong and won the championship 15-11.

Congratulations to lead Liz Marshall, second Jan Power-Tuke, third Jan Cook and skipper Lorraine Hyde on a fantastic effort.