Women’s 4s Championships 2024

We decided to have a Round Robin this year as there was only 6 teams competing and we thought this would be a much fairer competition, as every team will then play each other. It did however mean that we would have to play 5 games over two days.

Round 1 on the 21/2/24 started with yet another very warm and muggy day causing some of our ladies to become fatigued and Coral having to take time out. Match then made the decision to have lunch and a break so all ladies could hydrate ready to play only two games of 13 ends and the other three games of 13 ends to be held on the 28/2/24, with the hope that the weather will be a little kinder to us.

All round one games went down to the wire with our three winners being P. Boardman, K Hutchinson, N. Porteous and N. Atheneides, and S. Everest, S. Delevale, J. Cook, L Brickell and P Marsden, A Sauerwein, S Palmer R. Woodward. Round two saw P. Boardman’s team win again by 1 point, P. Bourne, L Leach, W Saul, Coral Smith and our third winner was M Dean, C. Greig, J. Power Tuke, J Page.

Round 2 28/2/24
We only managed to do two games last week so very pleased that the weather was a little better for us to complete the competition. We only had one change to day two with J Cook having to retire and Liz Marshall to take Jan’s position in Sandy Everest’s team.

Round 3 saw M Dean, C Greig, J Power Tuke, J Page, and P Bourne, L Leach, W Saul, C Smith and C Harris, S Carter, L Hughes, K Harris all winners

Round 4 saw P Boardman, K Hutchinson, N Porteous, N Atheneides and S Everest, S Delavale, L Brickell, L Marshall winning both rounds 4 and 5, and P Bourne, L Leach, W Saul and C Smith also winning both rounds 4 and 5.

A big congratulations go to our winners for the Women’s 4’s this year. Pauline Bourne, Lee Leach Wendy Saul and Coral Smith with a score of 12 + 33

Our Runners Up are, Sandy Everest, Sue Delevale, Lorraine Brickell Jan Cook and Liz Marshall with a score of 9 +2

We all played the 5 teams as a Round Robin and I think all Ladies actually enjoyed the competition. But it turned out to be far too much for many of our ladies playing 3 games in one day, especially as the weather in February is so hot. We will certainly be looking at other options next year.