Winter Bowls at Stirling

Did you know that Sorrento member Egon Mikolajczyk (Miko) runs a 27 week winter bowls competition at the Stirling Bowling Club broken into three seasons of nine weeks? It’s a very popular event with two teams of four players, each from various metro clubs, playing out the winter break in a very competitive but friendly and spirited atmosphere.

Using the Stirling complex allows for play to continue no matter what the weather conditions are outside and with some very windy and wet nights outside, inside we were all warm and dry. Pictured are Sorrento members (L-R) Bob and Shelley Jeffs with Egon Miko at the back, Murray Hulbert, Stan and Robyn Van Mosseveld, Pauline Bourne and Kerry and Ron Hutchinson.

We went into the last night of the middle 9 week season sitting 4th on the ladder. Third placed Doubleview were our opponents but with Murray Hulbert’s team having a good win and Ron Hutchinson’s team drawing, Sorrento ousted Doubleview to take third place from them. Doubleview were extremely gracious about the defeat and we left the rink having had many laughs and of course lots of banter during the game.

Sandy Everest and Jan Paniperis are other Sorrento members who have filled in for team members not available during the season. Sorrento is again represented for the last 9 week season which will conclude just prior to the start of the summer bowling season.

Congratulations has to go to Egon Miko who organises this competition completely by himself and does an incredible job of managing to keep everyone informed of the results, the ladder and who is scheduled to play each week not to mention having to replace players at the last minute.

Great job Egon.