Men’s Singles Championship

The 2021-222 Sorrento Men’s Singles Championships were concluded on March 13th, with completion of the semi-finals and final taking place under warm, humid conditions. Despite the relatively slow condition of A green – preparation was limited following completion of Country Week – the semi-finals were very high quality, close and prolonged affairs with both matches extending over 30 ends.

In the upper part of the draw, the lead changed hands several times with Dan Nicholls eventually triumphing 25-21 over Mick Martin. The second semi-final was even closer; after early exchanges, Ross Cunningham pulled out to lead of 20-12, before Peter Flack staged a terrific back-to-the-wall come-back to tie the game at 23-all and holding shot for a 24-23 lead. However, Ross with his last bowl not only drew in on the wide hand for shot but moved the kitty back a couple of inches to give him the match 25-23.

The final was a very different affair, with Dan Nicholls in irresistible form, combining immaculate draw bowls with occasional on-shots to leave Ross on the back foot almost from the start. Ultimately, Dan won 25-6 to add his name to the Sorrento Singles Champion honours board for the first time (apparently after being runner-up multiple times at his previous club – a good idea to change to Sorrento, Dan).