100 Up Championships

The finals of the Men’s and Women’s 100 Up Championships were both played on Sunday 11th October.

While the breeze did its best to redirect bowls later in the afternoon, there were some close games during the day.

The Men’s Final was between Murray Hulbert (who had defeated Stan Van Mosseveld in his semifinal) and Peter Flack (who had defeated Phil Webb). Murray got off to a great start but Peter quickly caught up. A couple of strong ends by Murray gave him a 10 point lead, eventually winning the final 100-90.

The Women’s final saw Pauline Bourne (who had defeated Lee Leach in a nail biting semifinal) against Liz Marshall (having defeated Pauline Marsden). Pauline adapted quickly to the changing breeze, picking up some high scoring ends quite early. While Liz settled to remain consistent in her scoring, the break was too much to bridge, Pauline winning the final 106-84.