Women’s Triples Championship

The Women’s Triples Championship was held over three weeks. With nine teams entered, Sectional Play gave us three sections each with one winner, and the best runner up going through to the Knockout games.  Format was two bowls per player, 14 ends for Sectional Play and 16 ends in the Knockout Games and Final.

Sectional Play started on Sunday the 6th December along with the Men’s Triples.

Friday the 11th we held our semi-final games, with the first game being Sandy Everest with Lee Leach and Wendy Saul competing against Jan Power-Tuke with Kerry Hutchinson and Wendy Flack. The second semifinal was Robyn Van Mosseveld with Shelley Jeffs and Lesley Hughes competing against Jackie Maxwell, Cheryl Greig and Kath Harris.

The winners of the semi-finals were Power-Tuke’s team going on to the final against Maxwell’s team.

The final was held the evening of Friday 18th December, this was also in conjunction with the Men’s final. The weather conditions were good although there was a slight wind which at times had some effect on the play, sometimes strong enough to keep bowls away from the jack!!

Maxwell’s team got off to a good start taking the first two ends, with Power-Tuke joining the game on the 3rd end. The bowling from both teams was exceptional and kept all of the spectators on the edge of their seats as the teams constantly exchanged the lead.

With one end left to play, the Power-Tuke team were sitting with a three shot lead leaving the Maxwell team with a mountain to climb on the last end. However, they showed no nerves and managed to come up with the necessary three shots to tie the game.

There must be a winner and a loser, so an extra end was played and after excellent bowls from both teams the Maxwell team emerged as winners by one shot to claim the Triples Trophy. An amazing game to watch!

Congratulations to the Winners Jackie Maxwell, Cheryl Greig and Kath Harris, also the Runners Up Jan Power-Tuke, Kerry Hutchinson and Wendy Flack.