Men’s Premier Player of the Year

On Saturday, the Men’s Premier side had their end of year windup at the club. All players attended including some of their wives. Lunch and drinks were provide all afternoon and a fun game of corner to corner for a $100 dollars was run and won by Paul Knight, who then donated his winnings to Matt Sharrett in view of what happened to him on the last game at Cockburn when he picked up the wrong bowls bag and had to Uber back to and from Sorrento ($350 later).

The secret vote count was conducted throughout the afternoon with scores continually being updated on the board and rounds 17 and 18 kept secret and read out, which highlighted a thrilling finish in which Rhett Butler finished ahead of Chris Lander by only half a point. Dan Nicholls who lead most of the day finished in third spot.

The whole day was funded by the money our Fines Master collected throughout the year. Ross (AKA “THE SHERIFF“) Cunningham did an outstanding job all year. Nobody or anything escaped him. Hence the huge pot of money!!!