Etiquette Booklet

Etiquette is a key step to enhancing the enjoyment of all members playing bowls and avoids unpleasant situations.

Following the recent Review and subsequent training program for new bowlers, the Guide to the Etiquette of Lawn Bowls has been produced as part of inducting new bowlers into the Club.

This guide needs to be read in the context of any other conditions of play such as Field of Play, General Conditions or other local conditions applicable to the game being played, and goes hand in hand with the Club’s Code of Conduct.

Printed copies of the booklet will be available at the Club for all bowlers next week and a digital copy can be found on the website here.

Congratulations and a huge thanks to Richard Bone for the many hours and care put into producing this booklet, along with Neville Odell for his suggestions, formatting and production skills.