ANZAC Day Two-Up Pairs

On Anzac Day, 28 players turned up to play in this event. The players were ranked and placed in two pools, with one name from each pool drawn to play together. The scoring system for this event is that zero points are awarded for each end where the team is less than “two-up”, with one point awarded for every end over two-up. To add to the excitement, each team was entitled to nominate a “powerplay” end where any shots scored would be doubled on that end.

The greens were running well, and over the 18 ends played, all pairs scored points ranging from the winners’ 17 points to a couple of teams scoring 4 points. Carol Booker (visiting from North Beach) and Keith Minnett were the winners, with Shirley Palmer and Trevor Orton one point behind. Interestingly Paul Doherty and Brian Collins, who played the winners, managed to run third in what was a high-scoring match. Betty Stern and Sandy Everest earned the fourth and final prize money with 13 points.

Thanks to Dan Greig and Trevor Orton for organising this event.