Ladies Pennant Teams – Tuesday
Match Date: November 28 2017
Division: Premier Home to   Gosnells
Skip Third Second Lead
P Bourne R Van Mosseveld L Bunney E Marshall
K Gobbart B Lorencs W Marsh W Saul
N Porteous L Leach * B Hill C Smith



Division: 1 Green North Away to Wanneroo 2
J Cook R Cooper K Harris * V Willers
L Hyde J Panaperis F Bracknell P Marsden
A Taylor C Hanlon S Jeffs J Lockwood


Division: 2 Blue Away to Wanneroo
L Berry * S Palmer A Wimbridge C Hyde
A Lilley J Campbell K Martin B Stern
M Smart R Woodward V King B Tutt


Division: 3 Blue Home to  Warwick 2
S Carter C Greig L Young M Cressey *
M Kopec H sunet M McLiver C Ford
S Mcgrady M Staddle M Campbell R Rowe
* Denotes Manager
Duty Team 3 Blue
Umpire D Ellis


Ladies Pennant Teams – Saturday
Match Date: November 25 2017
Division: Premier Away to Mundaring
Skip Third Second Lead
L Bunney R Van Mosseveld S Jeffs E Marshall
N Porteous L Leach J Cook C Smith


Division: 3 Blue Away to North Beach
M Kopec H Teasdale H Ironside C Ford
P Marsden J Panaperis J Siney R Rowe