Election Notice

Nominations for positions on the Governing Council and committees have now closed.

Selection committee nominations for both men and women exceed the number required (5).

Elections will now be held for both selection committees.  Full financial Bowling members are advised of the following voting times:-

Wednesday  14th June       4.30pm –      5.30pm

Thursday       15th June       12.15 pm –   1.00pm

Friday            16th June       5.00pm –      5.30pm

Saturday       17th June       12.15pm –    1.00pm

Wednesday  22nd June      12.15pm –    1.00pm

Thursday     23rd June       4.00pm –      5.00pm

Sunday          25th June       12.30pm –    1.00pm

Please note the following as set out in the Constitution;

Voting papers will be available from The Office Manager. Voting papers will only be distributed to Financial Members.

Only male bowlers will be entitled to vote for positions on men’s bowls committees.  Only female bowlers will be entitled to vote for positions on women’s bowls committees.

The ballot shall close at least seventy two (72) hours before the Annual General Meeting when votes will be counted by the Returning Officer in the presence of the two Scrutineers.

Ballots shall be decided by a ‘first past the post’ system.  All votes shall be recorded by marking the box opposite the name of each candidate of their choice up to the number of candidates to be elected.

Ballot papers which show more candidates marked as voted for than the number permitted, or are defaced or mutilated as to prevent the intentions of the voter being ascertained shall be deemed informal.

The Returning Officer may rule as he or she may think fit on any other matter.

If two or more candidates receive the same number of votes, the Returning Officer shall determine, by lot, the successful candidate or candidates.

The results of the ballot shall be handed to The Club President immediately prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting, and the Returning Officer, or in the absence of the Returning Officer a Scrutineer, shall announce the results to the Annual General Meeting.

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