To all Male Pennant players,

Intraclub Pennant Practice 23rd September 12.30pm Report for 1pm Start.
Club Colours to be worn.
The teams below have been selected using the information from the sheets
where players had been asked to indicate there availability for pennant practice.
Any player not listed and would like to play please write your name at the bottom
of the sheet. Players at the bottom of the sheet will be placed in teams once we know
our final numbers.
Skipper Third Second Lead
Lander Clausen Balcombe Elliott
Loftus Jasper Kiely Welch
Cunningham Bone Collins Anderson
Rixom Draper Walton Ironside
Cramond Self Stewart Mortimer
Mulroy Ebsworth Baker Odell
O’Brien Van Moselveld Sanders D. Smith
Robson Saul Collishaw Lockwood
Spencer Grisbrook Croker Jeffs
Nasuti Snow Hogan Eisenmann
Tompkins Bradshaw Bangs Bilich
Brown Lorencs Abercrombie Webb
Oldershaw Sturk Cooper Steven
Marshall Giles Whitehorn Davis
S. Wright Staples McGeehan Dichiera
Blake Mosconi Williams B. Taylor
Spence McCarthy Stapledon Leach
Hill Campbell Mola Ellis
Magerl R. Taylor A. Taylor Bourne
Bomford Graham Partridge Rowland
Third Portwood Hollick Watson
Webber Bill Jones Platts Ellen
Hillier Currie J. Wright Davies
Tozer Morrell Cosh Jahn