Function Room Hire Perth

If you are looking for a great function room hire in Perth our Club has a hall that can accommodate up to 120 people for a wide range of events.

Our Catering company can be used at very reasonable prices (must be booked ahead of scheduled event) &  BBQ area which can be used either separately or in conjunction with other events.

Please complete the form below.

Bar Manager –  on 94470696

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This form is to be submitted if you are inquiring about hiring any of our facilities for a social event or special function.
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    1. The premises may be hired by any Non Member for the sum of $300.00** (Non-Refundable) plus a Social Membership Fee of $25.00.
    2. There will be an initial bond of $500** to cover the cost of any loss or damage to Equipment belonging to the club, and any additional charges as necessary under points 8 & 9.
    3. To confirm your booking the bond must be paid in full and will be forfeited if the function is cancelled within 14 days of the booked event.
    4. A club member must be in attendance at all times, or a designated duty Officer as appointed by the club.
    5. No Liquor or Soft Drink can be brought onto the premises as this is a licensed club. All drinks must be purchased through the club at designated bar prices.
    6. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that No Liquor or Soft Drink is brought onto the premises and surrounding area’s by their guests.
    7. A meal or supper must be supplied to conform with Liquor Licensing Act Requirements.
    8. The kitchen area, cutlery and crockery may be utilized. Any loss or breakage to be deducted from the bond. The cleaning of the kitchen is the responsibility of the hirer. If tablecloths and tea towels are used by the hirer the club will charge for laundering ($15.00 normal laundering charge), this will also be deducted from the bond.
    9. Any undue requirements of the cleaner will also be deducted from the bond.
    10. Hire of the premises is to be confined to the designated area of the club. Club members will still have use of part of the premises however this will be restricted and will not encroach on the area being hired.
    11. The Club has a Zero Tolerance to Anti-Social Behavior.
    12. If any of the above conditions are not adhered to the function may be closed down.

    **Charges may be changed without notice.