Welcome to the game of croquet. It’s lots of fun in the fresh air and is a game that is both challenging and involves combining skill and tactics.

Our Croquet Club is incorporated within the Sorrento Bowling Club and as such, members have full use of the club’s facilities. Croquet members are encouraged to support the Bowling Club in social activities and volunteer work around our club.

In addition to an annual fee, croquet members pay a $4/$5 per day green fee, with a maximum of $15 per week.

Visitors pay $5 day to a maximum of five games per year. Family groups are encouraged to play outside club hours at S10 per family.

New players are welcome to use the Club mallets until they become familiar with the size and weight they prefer.

New members are encouraged to purchase their own mallet within three to four months  or as soon as they feel comfortable. For advice on mallets please speak to a Committee member who will be happy to help you.

On the last Friday of each month the Croquet Members get together at 5.30pm at the Club for “Friday Night Roast” and have some fun and interaction with other members.

We hope that you enjoy your games of croquet and being a member of our club.

Remember you are neither too young nor too old to play croquet.

 Regular Playing Times

Please note that the courts are open for morning and afternoon sessions (and evenings sessions in Summer) on every day of the week except Mondays (when courts are closed all  day). However, games outside the regular playing times shown below need to be personally arranged between players.

Morning sessions           8:45 for 9:00 am start

Afternoon sessions      12:45 for 1:00 pm start

Sundays:           Family day by personal arrangement.

NB Currently (July 2016) most members are choosing to play on Friday mornings; and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. Please call others to arrange games if these times do not suit your schedule or preference.

 For more information please phone 9447 0696,

Club Captain Kerry Bomford 0403270510 or Vice-Captain Glenda Lander 0400917942 or e-mail

[email protected]

Croquet Competition results for W.A. clubs, other states in Australia or even worldwide, can be accessed from

Competition Results

Please note: when you access the above link, the competitions are shown in date order.  Selecting the competition you need, will display a list of all the games played.    For a summarised display in a table layout, click on either Block A or Block B as required.

Understanding Handicaps

The link below will take you to a comprehensive explanation of the Australian Croquet Handicap system and the use of players Handicap Cards

Understanding Handicaps