The Sorrento Bowling Club Team

The Sorrento Bowling Club is administered by a Governing Council (The Board) comprising the President, Treasurer, Office Manager, Vice President (sports and participation), Vice President (operations) and appointed directors.

Each sport has a captain or director, supported by committees and sub-committees. The Club employs a Duty Manager and Greenkeeper who are supported by over 100 regular volunteers.

Our Board Members

John Abercrombie  


John has served on the club’s management committees for over a decade. He is currently in his second term as club president and has filled this position previously. He brings a wealth of club and management experience and knowledge to the board.

Rob Tozer

Deputy President

(Sports & Participation)

Rob has recently joined the board in this capacity but has worked in operational bowls committees for some years on match and as a selector. Rob recently retired from school teaching and has considerable experience in management and organisation.
Wayne Gray Vice President (Operations) Wayne has served on the club’s management committee since 2002 with a focus on operations and infrastructure. Wayne recently retired as a partner and consultant in a highly successful electronics business and has substantial experience in project management and infrastructure development.

Pat Dichiera

Treasurer Pat joined the club 10 years ago and has served as treasurer since 2013.  He is a chartered accountant and member of the institute of chartered accountants in Australia since 1975 with experience in taxation and business consulting.
Pauline Marsden Office Manager Pauline joined the club in 2011.  She has extensive experience in providing a comprehensive, quality service to the consumers and management of human service organisations.  She joined the board in in 2015 as an independent director and was subsequently appointed to the office manager in 2016.

Brian Lucas

Independent Director Brian has been a members of the club’s senior management team for over a decade, occupying the roles of treasurer, vice president and president. He has served as an independent director on the board for two years.
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